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  • execLinkAuth(authorizations: PermissionLevel[], account: string, code: string, type: string, requirement: string): Promise<void>
  • Parameters

    • authorizations: PermissionLevel[]

      The authorizations allowed to make this change

    • account: string

      The account to make the changes on

    • code: string

      The contract that hold the action for the link_auth to be affected on

    • type: string

      The action that should linked to this auth

    • requirement: string

      The permission name that should now perform the action

    Returns Promise<void>


  • execUpdateAuth(authorizations: PermissionLevel[], account: string, permission: string, parent: string, authToSet: AuthorityToSet): Promise<void>
  • Parameters

    • authorizations: PermissionLevel[]

      that would be permitted to perform this action on the account.

    • account: string

      The account on which the auth is to changed.

    • permission: string

      The name of the new permission to set on the account

    • parent: string

      The new permission should a child of the parent permission.

    • authToSet: AuthorityToSet

      The auth to be set as the controller auth for the new permission

    Returns Promise<void>

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